🔗Why did we choose DecimalChain?

💰 If Satoshi had not provided for a reward for each block mined, it is unlikely that miners would have wanted to spend money on equipment and electricity just for the sake of a great idea.

We have prepared a list of benefits for Decimal users:

🔹Cryptocurrency is responsible for maintaining the network

👤If the participant is ready to install and run the masternode, then he will receive a reward for each signed block. Unlike most blockchains, in DecimalChain, over time, the reward for a block will not decrease, but grow.

💸Being a validator, you will be able to receive approximately 9% of new coins to your personal stake + fee from each delegate.

*the fee is set by the validator at its discretion.

🔹Income from bonding

All coins of the DecimalChain network can be bonded to a validator. The validator receives a reward for maintaining the network and distributes it among the delegates according to the proportions of their steak, minus their fee.

🔹Exit from “mining”

🛠️In the case of “iron mining”, when stopping mining, you should try to sell the equipment for at least 30% of the cost.

In the case of DecimalChain, you simply withdraw your stake from the validator, and after 432 thousand blocks (~30 days), your coins will be in full on your active balance.

And more:

🔹Creation of any type of token in three minutes.

🔹Freedom to convert all network tokens.

🔹Paying fees with any token.

🔹Large community of users and entrepreneurs.

🔹Ready-to-use infrastructure for your token.

🔹Communication with the DecimalChain development team.

🔹Support for new validators.

🔹Consultations on tokenization of your business.

📖Read more about all the benefits of using DecimalChain in the “white paper” and other information resources of the community.




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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