Who supports the work of Decimal blockchain?

You already know that the Blockchain is physically stored as full copies on the server of each validator (masternode).

💵 Validators spend real money on installing servers and ensuring an uninterrupted Internet connection. On average, this is $ 1,000 per month.

For this work, validators receive rewards from the blockchain in the form of new DEL coins and set the fees for delegates who also want to mine DEL with the selected validator.

In general, the validator’s earnings cover the costs many times over.

🕸 The more validators, the more decentralized and secure the network, but it is important that the weight of validators is also more or less equal in size of the stake, because if one validator has a million coins, and the rest have 100 coins, then the “big” validator will confirm blocks more often — and this is a kind of centralization.

🪙 In the early stages of network development (and we are only 6 months old) we will support new validators and delegate them 2 million coins each!

Recently, 2 million coins were delegated to 4 more validators: X-profit, Omega, Big Ten Network, DecimalPro.

⛓There are currently 12 validators in the decimalchain network.

Anyone can become a validator on his own — all the needed instructions are available in the “Help” section on decimalchain.com .

For help and advice, you can always contact us in Direct messages or via Telegram channels.

🤝Support DecimalChain — become a network validator, and we will support you!




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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