Who needs Decimal

The development of the Decimal network was caused by a few key goals. First of all, it is suitable in daily life. We developed an easy-to-use currency which transforms the user into a bank. At the same time, any user can issue and manage his own entirely liquid token. Here is a look at some stories to enable you to evaluate the relevancy and timeliness of the Decimal product.

Story 1

Maria is (or wants to be) a popular video blogger. She is well aware that she’s in a competitive environment, and she’s always looking for new tools to earn money as a blogger. Masha goes to the Decimal website in her console. With a few thousand rubles and five clicks, she creates a token to implement a few interactive features for her audience. For example, she can sell T-shirts with her blog logo using her tokens. She does not longer have to adapt to different banking systems in the countries of her subscribers. She can offer voting with tokens for her next release: her subscribers will get the link to the release before any other listeners.

Story 2

Alexey, Yekaterina, Vasily Sergeyevich and Yevgeniya are friends and café owners in a small city. Instead of competing with everyone and with each other, they do exactly the opposite — decide to boost sales between each other. Each of them in a few clicks creates a coin within the Decimal network and uses coins for making payments to their customers. This is much more exciting than loyalty points because these tokens could be spent in any cafes of our friends. A token conversion in the Decimal network occurs within a click. There is absolutely no risk that someone will get something extra, or vice versa. Customers enjoy this strategy and makes them come back again and again.

Story 3

Dmitry Sergeyevich is a software developer. He uses software on a daily basis that makes his life easier. He knows that developing simple applications is a goden mine. Just like us, Dmitry is concerned about the application field to enable to pay with cryptocurrency cell phone connection, internet, housing and utilities, and fines. Dmitry Sergeeivich visits the Decimal website and in the section API and SDK finds the description of the interface for interaction with the Decimal services and the description of tools for creating applications. Dima realizes that even a beginner can create software based on the Decimal infrastructure that’s why he immediately takes up the job to be the first to offer a solution for the community.

Story 4

Ruslan and Ludmila are talented musicians, artists and song writers. They don’t have any TV contracts or commercial offers yet. However, they already have a small fanclub. Ruslan and Ludmila created their own token in the Decimal blockchain as a tool to support their creative projects. Token owners will be the first to get access to songs and clips, attend music video releases, and even affect some decisions by voting choices. For example, musicians offer the audience to pick up a song that will be used for the music video. Voting will be done by sending tokens, and the result of voting is forever registered in blockchain. For this reason, the fans will be convinced of Ruslana and Lyudmila’s honesty and will be engaged in their creative projects. It will allow the artists to build up long-term economic relations with their audience without any intermediaries or restrictions.

Story 5

Ivan is a husband and a father. He works as a sales manager in a computer store. He needs to make extra money and he knows a bit about cryptocurrency and its options, that’s why he goes to the Decimal exchange office and buys the DEL coin with his debit card. Ivan keeps his DEL coins in the wallet and even exchanges them with his friends. Having tested the technology, Ivan decides to learn more about what he has in possession.

In Chapter five of the White Paper he learns that the DEL coins can be not only stored and sent to friends, but delegated, which gives the reward from the validators. Ivan delegated his DEL coins to the validator to increase the validator’s share of tokens and to enable him to take part in the validation of blocks and receive rewards.The validator would distribute the reward between the owners of delegated tokens in proportion to their number.Now, every month, the number of DEL tokens owned by Ivan increases without his involvement, which does not prevent him from performing his main duties.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Decimal related to your business goals. As a matter of fact, our blockchain can meet any fantasy and transform it into a business plan.



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