🧙 Who are Coiners?

🔎We have already covered Validators and Delegates but there is another role on the DecimalChain ecosystem that can be assumed by any user. The role of the Coiner.

🪙 A coiner is a user who has issued their own cryptocurrency in the Decimal blockchain.

⚙️The characteristics of each coin are determined by the coiner himself based on the functional features of his business, product or project in which this coin will be used. These characteristics simply need to be entered in a convenient form on the website in the “Coin Issue” section and click “Create”. That`s it.

🪄 Designing your own cryptocurrency has never been so easy and affordable.

⛓ The coiner does not have to worry about the pricing mechanisms of his coin, because any exchange operations involving his coin are based on mathematical formulas embedded in the Decimal software and automatic blockchain algorithms. The way the price of your coin will change can be easily calculated in the calculator.

💰 Any custom coin created by Coiners is absolutely liquid, as it is provided with a mandatory reserve in DEL coins, so any network token can be exchanged for any other, including for DEL in one click.

▶️Any coin can be bonded to the validator and bring profit. And you can pay the transaction fee with any custom coin at your disposal.

🧙Create your own cryptocurrencies in the Decimal ecosystem and join the DecimalChain community!

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.