Where and how can I buy a DEL coin?

DEL cryptocurrency was created as a native (basic) token of the Decimal blockchain and a reserve currency for each coin created on Decimalchain.

DEL is not a stock exchange tool for speculation and does not involve sharp jumps in the market price, but on the contrary: we strive to ensure that users of DEL and other tokens can count on a stable price of the reserve currency.

Currently, DEL can be purchased via the BitTeam exchange — https://bit.team/, the C3Exchange exchange — https://c3.exchange/, as well as from any coin owner who is ready to sell it.

To buy DEL, register and be sure to pass verification on the sites. Read the relevant instructions in the Decimal WiKi and proceed with the purchase.

The purchase process on Bit Team takes place directly from the seller, where the exchange acts as a guarantor of the integrity of the parties to the transaction. At C3Exchange, you simply buy coins from the exchange. In any case, the purchase process is safe and simple, and if you still encounter difficulties, there is a large community ready to help you.

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