What you need to know about the password

🙌🏻Hello, community!

Today we are talking about passwords.

❗️Main thing:

1. The presence of numbers and letters in the password
2. Length of at least 7 characters

🕵🏻 Has your password been declassified?

If your password meets the main rules and you do not want to change it, then you can evaluate the complexity of your current password and find out if it has been compromised.

🔐 Hacking methods

Brute force attacks are the most common method of password disclosure. Brute force means searching for all possible combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. Therefore, the more diverse the content of your password, the more complex it It will be for intruders.

🛡 Protection against a full brute force attack

1️⃣ Do not use the account name, user name, or parts of these names in the password.

🔒 🔒 Two-factor authentication

Some attackers can bypass the above protection methods by using a database of disclosed passwords.

✒️ Summing up

❌Dates of birth, names, names of favorite dishes, etc. — are not suitable for strong passwords.

🔏Where to store passwords

📝 Paper notebook — yes, even leading information security experts recognize this option. Keep such a notebook a secret, and keep the passwords in it in an incomprehensible form.

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