What to read and watch?

“Silicon Valley”

TV Series (2014)

👥The story about a group of geeks preparing to launch their own startups in the high-tech center of San Francisco.

The main characters of the series live for free in the house of a local millionaire, but in return they will have to give 10% of the profits from future projects.


TV Series (2016)

💵In the world of power and big money, in the heart of New York, an ambitious financier from Wall Street, Bobby Axelrod, and a principled federal prosecutor, Chuck Rhodes, are in full swing.


Film (2016)

🍔The film tells about the foundation of the most famous fast food chain in the world — McDonalds.

Positive thinking and energy help Ray Kroc achieve success and bring his ideas to life. The whole point is, do not miss the opportunity and do not give up.

“Blockchain: a plan for a new economy”

The book, by Melanie Swan

🔗Philosophical work. The author has considered possible ways of bitcoin evolution, suggested options for using blockchain technology in the near future, explained the principles of digital currencies.

“Cryptocurrency from “A” to “Z””

Book, Evgeny Fillipov

⚖️Just five years ago, Bitcoin was a mysterious and unpredictable phenomenon. Cryptocurrency miners were puzzling, Bitcoin investors were considered spenders, but those times have passed, and cryptocurrencies have become the fastest growing market in modern history.




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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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