What risks do delegators have?

🔋To mine the basic coin of the DecimalChain network, you do not need any electricity costs or expensive equipment. Simply send the DEL coins or any other network coins at your disposal to any of the Validators.

🔐 But how safe is it for the security of your coins?

Firstly, all wallets on the DecimalChain network are decentralized which means that access to coins is provided exclusively to the user; no one except you has access to your wallet and the coins stored there, this is safe on the one hand, but also very responsible, because if you lose a passphrase, no one can restore it.

Secondly, when you send your coins to bonding, you do not actually send them anywhere, but “freeze” them on your wallet on the bonding account balance. The blockchain adds up your bonded coins to the validator’s stake and generates new coins for your stake as well. At any time, you can create a request to unlink coins and after 432,000 blocks (this is about 30 days) they will be displayed again on your active balance from which you can dispose of them at your discretion. This release period is programmed to protect the network’s liquidity from manipulation.

If the validator to which you bonded your coins is disconnected from the network, your stake will be displayed on the active balance after the request for unlinking and after the expiration of the 30-day period.

💸When you share rewards with a validator, you also share responsibility with them, so you need to choose a validator carefully and carefully, checking all its characteristics available to any user in the browser. If the validator receives a penalty for incorrect work, then the penalty is imposed on your delegated stake – and this is the only case when you can lose 1% or 5%, depending on the violation of the validator.

As you can see, the risks for the delegators of the DecimalChain network are minimal. Each validator is financially motivated to work correctly, as their income depends on it. The more satisfied delegates, the more commissions the validator receives, so fines are extremely rare, and their causes are quickly eliminated.

🙌🏻Bond your coins right now and participate in the DEL coin issue.



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