What projects do DecimalChain has?

1 min readJul 12, 2021


🙌🏻Hello, community!

📖We`ve been in the crypto market for some time already, and we know that if a coin does not represent any interest except for the price growth, then there`s no reson to buy it.

🤝The native coin of the DecimalChain blockchain and the blockchain itself are multifunctional, it is of interest to businesses in completely different areas and it has already been evaluated by more than 20 companies , projects and teams.

✍🏻So that you can get acquainted with all the projects on the Decimal blockchain, the team of one of the validators has started preparing the information resource “Decimal Projects”, where all the projects will be described in a convenient and understandable form.

🛠️The “Decimal Projects” browser will collect all the projects in one place and in a clear language will allow:

✅Find out the coin goals,
✅Understand the mathematics of the coin (volatility and profitability)
✅Get links to the coin community/creator, WP coin/validator
✅Distinguish between verified (understandable/described) projects and those with no clear information provided

‼️Therefore, if your project (coin/validator) is not described on DecimalWiKi , be sure to contact @medvedev_legiongroup and provide the necessary information for “Decimal Projects”.

🙌🏻Wish you successful projects and a productive week!




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