What makes DecimalChain unique?

What makes DecimalChain unique?

🧩 Speaking about the uniqueness of DecimalChain, we emphasize the simplicity of its constructor which allows you to create any tokens.

⚒This tool is available to anyone — from simple user to advanced developer, as it does not require any technical knowledge or additional applications.

🪙 Transaction fees apply to any DecimalChain network token that is available to the user.

👇🏼Decimal implies such advanced developments of the blockchain industry as:

* tokenization of assets;

* instant payments;

* points in loyalty systems;

* cashback services;

* user identification;

* confirmation of ownership rights and authenticity of documents;

* tracking of goods along supply chains;

* honest algorithms for the gambling industry;

* automatic execution of contracts;

* guarantee of cash payments and safety of valuables;

* providing access to various resources;

* fair voting, lending and so on.

🤝DecimalChain is an innovative blockchain project that offers the basis for interaction and interoperability with many blockchain networks and projects.

👥DecimalChain has gathered around itself a powerful crypto community of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers.




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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