What makes DecimalChain unique?

♻️Speaking about the DecimalChain uniqueness, we should underline the simplicity and user-friendliness of the interface.

DecimalChain enables users to create all types of tokens (liquid, illiquid, stablecoins, NFTs) and tokenise any activity or any business.

🔗DecimalChain — is an instrument available to anyone, from an ordinary users to high-skilled developer, as it requires no technical skills and no special equipment.

Any token of the Decimal network may be used in transaction fees.

📝Decimal implies such innovative blockchain developments as:

* tokenization of assets;

* instant payments;

* bonuses in loyalty systems;

* cash back services;

* identification of users;

* confirmation of ownership rights and authenticity of documents;

* tracking of goods in supply chains;

* fair algorithms for gambling industry;

* automatic execution of contracts;

* guarantee of cash payments and preservation of values;

* ensuring access to various resources;

* fair voting, lending and so on.

🛠️DecimalChain is the innovation blockchain project that creates a basis for interaction and functional compatibility with many other blockchain networks and projects.

DecimalChain has gathered at out itself a powerful crypto community of enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers.

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.