What issues is blockchain aimed at?

1️⃣ Reliable data storage

💻In the client-server architecture, nodes are not equal. Servers store information and control access to it, and clients send requests to servers and receive it. To disable the entire system, it is enough to make an attack on the server.

🔗Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network where data is not stored in one place, but distributed among all participants. To hack such a system, you will need to disable at least half of all nodes, which is almost impossible.

2️⃣ Quick exchange of information

⛓️The transmission of information on the network is a long chain of actions, and in order for a message to reach the recipient, it must pass through many intermediate servers, which may be overloaded or simply disconnected. Because of this, the exchange of information can take a long time.

📲On the blockchain, data is transmitted directly. Peer-to-peer architecture allows you to quickly exchange information regardless of the location of users. Blockchain is always available, has no limited hours of operation and does not go offline on a schedule.

3️⃣ Absence of intermediaries

🖥️When servers transmit information, they also check its correctness. The presence of an intermediary is often necessary, but always increases the cost of making a transaction.

👤Thanks to the consensus algorithm, you can do without an intermediary. Since the data is distributed among all participants, any of them can check and confirm a new transaction. These users are called miners/validators. The competition between them is high, which allows you to keep commissions at a low level.



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