🔁What is the DEL coin backed by?

🛠️When designing the Decimal network, we aimed at creating an absolutely liquid currency that would allow any user or entrepreneur to enter the world of crypto economy without any technical skills or fear that such “experiment” may negatively affect his budget.

💲For reaching this goal, a unique price-forming mechanism was implemented for each coin. Any token of the Decimal ecosystem can be easily exchanged for any other directly via the console or on the mobile wallet.

⚙️Imagine hundreds of tokens that provide you with bonuses/discounts in various companies. Having any token, you can instantly exchange it for some other to use in some institution, or exchange for DEL to get roubles/dollars/other currencies.

🔁SWAP algorithm was added during the last update. This algorithm enables to convert DEL into the Ethereum and BSC network (Binance Smart Chain) the two largest, most popular, and, therefore, most widely developed world blockchains.
The opportunity to transfer tokens from the DecimalChain network to these ones also ensures the reserve and liquidity of the native DEL coin.

📖And these are not all the reasons to buy DEl being confident about its liquidity and stable position in the market.

🔗DEL is also backed by all the functions of the blockchain. Amount these functions there is also an opportunity to create NFT, checks, wallets with public access, apps and so on.

👥And — most importantly! DEL is backed by big live community. These people are United not only by a telegram chat. These are people who share common interests, business, projects and concepts. We often meet in real life and highly appreciate this advantage over thousands of other crypto communities.



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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.