What is decentralization in cryptocurrency?

Preferences, attitudes, and realities of a decentralized system

Overview of decentralization

  • What is decentralization in the blockchain?
  • The problem of centralization

Decentralization is the answer

  1. Architectural: Architectural is the physical system itself. It describes the number of devices that can access it and the resistance to breakage.
  2. Political: this area of centralization and decentralization accounts for the number of people who can access the system and from which locations.
  3. Logic: Logical centralization / decentralization concerns the program itself and the algorithm.

Centralization VS Decentralization: key differences between the two methods

  • Comparison of centralization and decentralization
  • What happened to independence?
  • Centralization involves different interests that may be biased
  • Putting critical control back in the hands of those who matter most

The main advantages of decentralization

Which is better: decentralization or centralization?

Final Thoughts and Considerations on Decentralization in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies



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