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☝🏽It is noteworthy that according to the recent market researches, the number of users of crypto has doubled since the beginning of the year. 106 million people owned digital assets in January, and now this number has reached 221 million.

🤓Vitalik Buterin spoke on DeFi

👤The founder of Ethereum gave a speech at the Paris conference encouraging the community not to stop the development of the ecosystem at the DeFi space.

According to the developer, non-financial scenarios represent “the most interesting part of the general-purpose blockchain vision”.

🐦 Jack Dorsey aims to integrate Bitcoin into Twitter. He called it one of the three key tendencies defining the future of the social media along with the artificial intelligence and decentralisation.

🌍 Regulators are still looking for an appropriate approach for regulating crypto. Now the International Monetary Fund is expressing the readiness to study the industry thoroughly together with other regulators in order to ensure the international financial and economic stability. For this purpose IMF aims to work with central banks and the World bank, as well as to conduct its own investigations. In particular, IMF will study the options of the application of CDBCs, stable coins and other cryptos.

❗️Due to the regulatory difficulties Uniswap Labs, the company standing behind the popular decentralized Uniswap exchange, has decided to shut the access to over 100 tokens via the platform’s interface.

❗️Besides, DecimalChain will soon be listed at Uniswap, and the access to the native token of the DecimalChain blockchain will be unlimited.

And finally: Coca-Cola to sell NFT via the auction

🔝Coca-Cola is entering the NFT market and issues a collection of un-interchangeable tokens.

💵Money receiving from sales will be directed to the ogranizing committee of the World special Olympics.

📲“Each NFT has been created to underline the key elements of Coca-Cola, reconsidered for the virtual world with new exciting ways”, said the Global Coca-Cola Trademark CEO Selman Careaga. “We are glad to share our first NFT with metauniverse”, he added.

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