🍿 Ethereum miners are preparing a “show of force” against ETH updates associated with the reduction of the network fees. Two largest pools and recipients of high fees stand against the update and are planning to seize over 51% of hashrate on April, 1st. In case they succeed, the pool will get enough power to make unilateral modifications to the blockchain. We hope this isn`t a joke.

🖼 A tokenized painting sold for the record $69.3 million (if you convert this sum into rubles it will not even fit in calculator`s line). This was a JPG-file consisting of 5 thousand works of Beeple, and it was sold as a NFT-token.

🏠 For the first time ever a whole house was put on the market in the form of NFT. Its starting price is 42,43 ETH (~5 417 000₽).

🔎 5 000 BTC ($282 million) were moved for weeks. They had been inactive for more that 7 years, and were considered to be lost by the holder. Last time the wallet that stored them was used in 2014. Probably, their lucky owner found the password in his old jacket.

🇯🇵 The Japanese court sent BTC owner to prison for not paying taxes. The offender will have to pay $202 000 for hiding his income from operations with digital currencies.
Besides, we have filed official requests and are waiting for explanations on how induviduals should pay taxes for transactions in crypto. Once we recive responses, we will discuss them with you.
📈 Capitalization of stablecoins is sharply increasing despite high fees on ETH network, and what will happen when we get an opportunity to create stablecoins on DecimalChain network. You will not have any troubles with fees, and the convenient interface will not require any programming skills for designing a new token.
According to The Block data, the capitalization of stablecoins has increased from $5.87 to 18.28 billion over 2020. The increase has accelerated, so now it is over $54, 59 billion.

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