🙌🏻Hi, community!

We’re ready to tell you the latest industry news, and today we are going to speak only about pleasant and fascinating things!

📈Bitcoin has finally managed to surpass $50,000 — the level it tried so hard to keep a week ago. And now many experts are predicting further price growth.

⭐️More and more celebrities pay their attention to crypto. The day before, Reese Witherspoon wrote on Twitter that she’d bought Ethereum.
We hope this purchase would be a successful bid for the actress, and she would pay attention to other promising cryptos in the DEL market.

👽The most expensive NFT was bought for $25K yesterday, and sold today for $101,000. Over 7.5 million roubles for a picture of a cute greet alien amidst sparkly mountains of some faraway planet. Let us not make any conclusions but just congratulate the author, who is now a millionaire.

🛠️Besides, we expect a new BitTeam marketplace to be released soon. There would be able to sell and buy our NFTs. The development team has taken into account all the pros and cons or existing marketplaces, and is working at creating a convenient and easy-to-use platform for you.

📲By the way, in the new update the reserve for creating NFT on the basis of DecimalChain blockchain will be reduced from 100 DEL to 1 DEL. This means, that it would be easier and more advantageous to design NFT on our blockchain.

💰And finally, Instagram and Twitter are working at new functions associated with NFT! This information hasn’t been officially confirmed by them but they say both platforms aim to integrate NFT sale function.
This would enable bloggers to sell their digital assets via social media, and provide them with new monetization opportunities.

☀️ Wish you creativity and a great weekend!

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