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2 min readSep 17, 2021



👻The recent weeks haven’t been rich in some great news, and that’s why we’ve prepared a list of “bad news” (awww…)

🤫 But as you know, there is no really bad news and the significance of any news depends on how we use it.

☠️ A crook has withdrawn 225 million roubles (864,8 ETH) from the NFT auction at one famous platform. The head of the platform reported that an anonymous contractor implemented a malicious code into the platform interface and changed the auction address.

📈 Binance — an exchange trading BTC — is transforming into a licensed company with centralized business. Zhao Zhengpeng, the head of the company, announced that the concept of a decentralized global exchange had no chance to get the regulators’ approval, especially when it comes to jurisdictions with strict procedure of getting license.

?Recall that in August, Binance introduced mandatory user verification.

🇷🇺 The Bank of Russia is skeptical about buying cryptocurrencies as an investment and will not help increase access to them for unskilled investors.

❕And indeed, it is incorrect to refer cryptocurrencies to investments by definition. Qualified investors and just thinking people, of course, know about this.

😎The largest NFT marketplace reported that one of the company’s employees used information about the upcoming placement of tokens on the main page for their own benefit.

In general, manipulating the cryptocurrency market has not been prohibited before (remember Elon Musk’s Twitter or expert forecasts of other stars). Meanwhile, in the traditional economy, the law on countering the misuse of insider information and market manipulation has been working for a long time.

📉In a week from September 5 to 12, the trading volume of NFT amounted to almost 10 billion rubles, which is more than three times lower than the record August figure of 75 billion rubles.

🙌🏻That`s all for today.

☀️Have a great weekend and great news!




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