Valodator DecimalChain

🙌🏻Hey, community!

Let us remember who are validators and why we and the DecimalChain blockchain need them?

💵 When you send, get or create your own coins on the DecimalChain blockchain, validators are working behind the scenes making all of these possible.

👥Validators are the privileged members of the network.

Technically, they represent a set of software. The main duty of validators is to store blockchain copies, verify and confirm transactions, forming and signing new blocks, placing blocks directly to the blockchain — all in all, supporting and organization of the whole DecimalChain network operation.

👤If a network member wants to become a validator and is ready to install the software (masternode) on his equipment, he will be getting reward from the network for each signed block.

💰 Now the block reward is 156 DEL, and over time, this reward will be growing in proportion to the emission schedule.

🦾The process of launching and servicing a masternode is described in detail in the guidance and does not require any high qualification, that’s why entrepreneurs and token creators become validators more often than technical experts.

👥 Now there are 27 validators and three candidates on DecimalChain network.

🫂Other network members can join the work of validators and also get reward on their stakes by sending bonding transaction to any of them.

💵All DEL coins are stored on the block and are shared equally in bonding — therefore, more coins you bond, more new coin you get!



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