🙌🏻 Hey, community

✍🏻The question on reducing the NFT creation reserve has been put to the validators’ vote.

🛠️If validators approve the updates, then it would be easier and cheaper to create your own NFT on DecimalChain.

⚙️Now, to design an NFT, you need to reserve it with 100 DEL, and after the updates come into force, the reserve will be only one DEL coin!

🔗This will make our blockchain not only the most convenient tool for creating unique digital subjects but the most beneficial one as well.

💸At the moment of writing this post 1 DEL is worth about 20 roubles.

🗳 The vote starts today at 6 049 176 block approximately at 12 Moscow time and will be finished on 3 September at block number 6 096 696.

🪄 We look forward to the positive decision of the validators and your new NFTs!