#explainblockchain ⠀

🔎 Validation is a synonym for the word “validation”. The English adjective “valid” means “valid, correct, correct” but to be more precise, validation is a proof that the requirements of a particular system, user, product or service are met. ⠀

🔢Also, validation is a confirmation that the requirements are accurately and fully predetermined, and the goal is achieved. ⠀ Validation of a digital record is an action to confirm the validity of digital records in the blockchain, which is carried out in accordance with the rules of this blockchain.🏻 ⠀

It is important not to confuse verification and validation

🙌🏻Verification is carried out almost always and is carried out by the method of checking the characteristics. The result of verification is a conclusion of compliance or non-compliance. ⠀

❗For example, verification on the exchangers and the prices of the implemented exchanges is carried out in order to establish that you match your account and restore access to it if you forgot your password. ⠀

🔎Validation is carried out if necessary and is performed by analyzing the specified conditions and evaluating the compliance of the characteristics. ⠀ The result is a conclusion about the possibility of applying something for specific conditions.

❗For example, the company produces pipes intended for laying in the ground. These pipes are manufactured according to the specifications. Do the finished pipes meet these specifications? Verification will answer this question.

👉🏼Next, an order is received, which involves laying pipes on the bottom of the sea. Can pipes that meet their specifications be used in this case? Validation will answer this one.

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