🎙 Ruslan and Lyudmila are talented musicians, performers and authors of modern songs.

👥They don’t have TV contracts or commercial offers yet but they already have a small fanclub.

🪙 Ruslan and Luda create their own token on the DecimalChain blockchain as a way of supporting their creativity.

💵 Fans not only support their favorite musicians by buying their token, but can be the first to get access to tracks and videos, be present at the moment of creating a new hit, or even influence some decisions by voting.

🖼 For example, musicians offer fans to choose which of the songs they will shoot the next video.

🗳Voting takes place by sending tokens and the result is permanently recorded in the blockchain, so fans will be confident in the honesty of Ruslan and Lyudmila and truly involved in their creativity.

🤝Now artists can build long-term economic relationships with their viewers without intermediaries and restrictions. In turn, fans can not just support their favorite artists with simple donations, but investing real money in them also. After all, if the popularity of Ruslan and Lyudmila will grow, the value of their cryptocurrency will also grow.

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