Top 20 promising blockchain projects in 2021

It has been more than ten years since the world witnessed the emergence of the most popular cryptocurrency — Bitcoin, and the exceptional functionality of the blockchain. After many years of evolution, there are many blockchain project ideas under development, and many of them have already attracted the attention of people and industries around the world.

Top ideas for blockchain projects in 2021

Today, many people may consider the higher availability of various blockchain projects as a favorable factor. The huge portfolio of blockchain projects in 2021 can even confuse users. Do you want to choose public blockchain projects that use Ethereum? Or do you want to use the features of private blockchain projects like Fabric or Corda, which have more potential to revolutionize the blockchain landscape? The list of blockchain projects can help you get rid of all the difficulties and make the right choice when it comes to blockchain development.

As industry leaders take the lead from the start, many blockchain project ideas are gradually becoming apparent. New blockchain-based projects are emerging to address the shortcomings noted in the existing world. So, without wasting too much time, let’s immediately dive into the list of the best blockchain projects of 2021.

1. AP Moller-Maersk

The list of the best blockchain projects will start with TradeLens, the corporate blockchain of AP Moller-Maersk. The shipping and logistics giant, based in Denmark, is using its TradeLens blockchain to digitize information about the supply chain. After launching in August 2018, TradeLens has established itself as one of the best blockchain project ideas in recent times.

It successfully handles almost 50% of container ships worldwide. In 2020 alone, TradeLens processed about 1 billion shipments, 12 million documents, and about 30 million containers. TradeLens ‘ performance in 2020 was more than double that of the previous year. In addition, Maersk has also partnered with Microsoft in the field of marine insurance processing, using blockchain technology.

2. Baidu

China is one of the world’s leading regions showing promising growth in innovation and blockchain. The Chinese search engine Baidu, together with its associated fintech company Du Xiaoman Financial, has combined more than 20 blockchain solutions. The most notable mention among the blockchain project ideas presented by Baidu and Du Xiaoman Financial refers to Libra Chain.

Currently, Libra Chain is the infrastructure for three Internet courts in China. Courts deal with disputes related to copyright and e-commerce, mainly through virtual litigation. Under the leadership of Wei Xiao, Libra Chain successfully supported the filing of more than 35 million electronic evidence in the Beijing Internet Court.

3. Boeing

Another major corporate blockchain that will be among the best blockchain project ideas of the year is Boeing’s SkyGrid. Boeing’s venture capital arm, HorizonX, has invested heavily in the development of SkyGrid. It serves as a blockchain-based air traffic control system for tracking and communicating with drones. Most importantly, SkyGrid managed to get FAA approval to grant low-altitude work permits to drone pilots.

In addition, SkyGrid is also available as a free iPad app. SkyGrid maintains a permanent record of data to help with parcel delivery and production inspections. Leveraging the power of blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric and Go Direct, SkyGrid has the potential to create autonomous flying taxis in the future.

4. Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse’s ability to use the Paxos Settlement Service clearly points to another promising entry into the number of blockchain project ideas. A major banking player based in Switzerland also uses the capabilities of Enterprise Ethereum along with the Paxos settlement service. Credit Suisse uses the Paxos Settlement Service to settle transactions in U.S.-listed stocks through Nomura’s Instinet broker-dealer.

The blockchain technology offered by the Swiss banking giant can help participants in direct settlements on transactions with each other. As a result, this can reduce the intervention of ordinary intermediaries, thereby speeding up the calculation.

5. Honeywell

Honeywell has also become one of the pioneers of enterprise blockchain technology along with other leading names in the technology field. It is a well-known industrial conglomerate that has successfully transferred more than 2 million aviation quality documents to the blockchain registry platform. Honeywell leverages the capabilities of Hyperledger Fabric to successfully migrate aviation quality documents.

As a result, it can ensure that aviation quality documents are fully available to its customer base. Honeywell also operates the blockchain-based GoDirect Trade marketplace. GoDirect Trade lists about $ 4 billion worth of used aircraft components and has successfully attracted more than 10,000 users.

6. IBM Corporation

IBM was one of the first large enterprises to focus on large-scale blockchain project ideas. Since IBM Blockchain is already integrated in various circles, IBM has introduced a new Digital Health Pass app. The Digital Health Pass app helps organizations check a person’s COVID-19 test results along with their temperature measurement results.

Customers such as stadium operators can choose their own criteria for using the Digital Health Pass app. For example, stadium operators can choose the criteria for vaccinating a person. The Digital Health Pass project depends on Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain.

7. ING Group

ING Group is considered one of the first banks to adopt blockchain technology. He currently uses blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Hyperledger Indy, Ethereum, and Quorum to lead a group of financial organizations. Together with other financial institutions, ING Group leads the authentication of digital assets, while ensuring compliance with international anti-money laundering standards.

They recently launched the Bulletproof project, which represents the best iteration of zero-knowledge proofs. It is an extension that provides better data security and privacy in any distributed registry technology.

8. Microsoft

The world’s leading technology giant Microsoft is also not far behind when it comes to blockchain project ideas. Microsoft has partnered with EY to develop one of its notable blockchain applications using the Ethereum and Quorum blockchains.

The blockchain app has features for managing content rights and royalties. Game publishers such as Ubisoft and Xbox were the main users of Microsoft’s new blockchain system. Compared to traditional processing, the new blockchain system is designed to implement automatic royalty payments.

9. Novartis

Novartis has taken a leading position in the development of blockchain projects in the pharmaceutical sector. As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Novartis is a prominent member of the EU blockchain consortium focused on finding outdated or incorrect prescription-related information. Novartis has teamed up with Merck and the Polytechnic University of Madrid to develop one of the unique ideas of blockchain projects in the pharmaceutical sector-PharmaLedger.

The Novartis blockchain-based application helps you scan drug packages, as well as request updated information from manufacturers in real time. Patients can also access information through scan codes. The PharmaLedger consortium is also looking for innovative ways to use blockchain to combat counterfeit and black-market medicines.

10. Samsung

Samsung’s IT division, i.e. Samsung SDS, has developed various blockchain projects for local hospitals, airports, and governments. Samsung can make the most of the Nexledger blockchain platform to mark its presence in the blockchain ecosystem.

Among Samsung’s various blockchain projects, the most important part relates to a comprehensive medical claims processing service. This service allows patients to file claims at the hospital’s emergency department, via a mobile phone, or at a kiosk.

11. Swisscom

Swiss telecommunications giant Swisscom is also one of the prominent players experimenting with new ideas for blockchain projects. Swisscom currently has about 11 blockchain applications that are in various stages of development. Swisscom uses well-known enterprise blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Ares, and Corda.

One of their most significant blockchain projects is the Swisscom Blockchain platform. This project offers various products such as electronic printing, node as a service, and Swiss Trust Chain. All of these products are designed for Swiss companies and the public sector to offer the best blockchain infrastructure for application development.

12. Tencent

Tencent, based in China, is also a significant player in the field of new blockchain projects. The most important advantage for Tencent as a developer of new ideas for the blockchain project is the blockchain it has developed. The blockchain developed by Tencent helps the Shenzhen tax authorities to issue about 10 million invoices. In addition, Tencent has also established WeBank, which offers a unique blockchain platform known as FISCO BCOS or Be Credible, Open & Source. The Financial Blockchain Consortium Shenzhen Consortium (FISCO) consists of more than 100 Chinese companies.

An interesting feature of the Tencent blockchain project is that more than 2000 enterprises use FISCO BCOS. In addition, it also includes WeIdentity, which has helped in the clearance of more than 17 million border crossings between mainland China and Macau.

13. Visa

A lot of blockchain project ideas are currently also referred to with the name Visa. Visa’s extensive network of access points, which includes about 70 million retail outlets, is its main strength. Central banks are gradually turning their attention to issuing digital currencies. As such, Visa is trying to capitalize on extensive research and development to ensure the safe flow of digital money beyond its margins.

One of Visa’s notable projects is “Visa B2B Connect”. It uses the blockchain infrastructure from Chain to offer the best financial solution for cross-border payments. In fact, this project can offer a cost-effective, secure, transparent and fast way to process all global payments.

Visa has already applied for 159 blockchain-based patents for various purposes. Some of the prime examples of Visa’s blockchain projects include the use of biometrics to verify a person’s identity and improve the security of transactions. Visa recently announced that it is linked to USDC, a stable coin to boost the speed of payments between businesses.

14. MetLife

MetLife is working on a number of blockchain project ideas, and one of them is Vitana. Recently, the Singapore-based MetLife LumenLab research center released a whitepaper on the Vitana project. This is a project focused on parametric insurance.

As such, MetLife uses Vitana to offer insurance specifically for pregnant women to help them cope with any complications if they arise.

15. Walmart

The discussion of blockchain project ideas could never have missed Walmart’s food tracking initiative. The retail giant is using a blockchain-based Food Tracking Initiative to detect contamination along with other food safety concerns. It can track almost 500 different items, such as meat, fresh leafy greens, seafood, and coffee.

Interestingly, the Walmart blockchain initiative’s food tracking app allowed access to detailed information about the original source of contamination within an hour. In addition, Walmart plans to conduct a pilot trial with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to track imported goods.

16. BHP

A major player in Australia’s mining industry is also an important player innovating with new blockchain project ideas. BHP uses the blockchain to digitize various operations. Some of the notable operations include verifying vendor identity and tracking ESG or environmental, social, and corporate governance attributes.

One of the largest blockchain projects used by BHP is MineHub. Using the platform, the company successfully carried out the first trade of iron ore on the blockchain with China Baowu Steel in 2020.

17. Shell

Shell is working on a blockchain project in which it is developing a decentralized system of digital passports. This is one of the few blockchain project ideas they plan to work on at the moment. In this project, the company will verify the authenticity of all parts, equipment, and products, creating a data flow system in which all data is safely processed and stored.

18. Daimler

Daimler is one of the largest automotive multinational corporations, producing luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz. Now partnering with Circulor, they are working on a blockchain project that will track CO2 emissions in their cobalt supply chain. The main goal is to focus on transparency and possible solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. What’s more, they also want to track any amount of secondary material that may come with their cobalt mining.

19. HSBC

HSBC is undoubtedly one of the notable players in the financial sector with a vision for futuristic blockchain project ideas. The London-based bank is using blockchain to improve the efficiency of its currency flows for global branches. According to the latest reports, HSBC’s blockchain registry has helped make almost 1.9 million transactions with a face value of about $ 1.7 trillion.

But one of HSBC’s bright projects is the Digital Vault. It is a blockchain-based platform that focuses on digitizing all transactional records of private placements. HSBC’s securities division (HSS) is behind this platform, and they want their investors to be able to access the data when the market is growing. Moreover, using Digital Vault, customers will have access to their private assets and data such as real estate, debt or capital. Of course, everything is digital and fully protected.

20. LVMH

LVMH is a well-known Parisian luxury goods conglomerate. It uses the capabilities of the blockchain to track products. Most importantly, the LVMH blockchain project uses the AURA blockchain platform to combat counterfeiting of brands such as Bulgari and Louis Vuitton.

Interestingly, almost 10 million luxury items have already been registered on the AURA blockchain platform. The LVMH blockchain platform, developed in collaboration with Microsoft and ConsenSys, establishes a new approach to combating counterfeit goods and protecting brand integrity.


It is quite obvious that the ideas of blockchain projects for 2021 have a lot of promising ideas. However, many tools are not included in this list, and some are still under development. The gradually growing interest in blockchain is one of the reasons why special attention is currently being paid to such projects.

In addition, many blockchain projects are changing the traditional understanding of the blockchain itself. for example, instead of simply providing platforms for exchanging or mining cryptocurrency, blockchain projects pay attention to forecasts and information. The future of blockchain seems very bright.


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