Token or coin?

2 min readDec 28, 2020


Sometimes all digital values are called crypto assets and are divided into coins and tokens. Coins are means of settlement and accumulation, and tokens are used as a tool for performing certain functions.


Like any other currency or unit of account, a coin has value only because people consider it significant as a unit of exchange and are willing to exchange it for a wide range of other coins, currencies, everywhere and unhindered.

🤔The difference between a token and a coin

The concepts of “token” and “coin” are quite difficult to separate since they have a similar purpose, but there are still differences.

The main difference is that the token, unlike the coin, does not have its own blockchain.
In fact, the token uses the infrastructure and network scale of the blockchain on which it operates, and the coin is the main currency of the network.

For example, on the Decimal network, the base coin is DEL, and custom coins are tokens. On the Ethereum network, ETH will be a coin, and all smart contracts on the main network will be tokens.


DecimalChain has the ability to use both coins and tokens, but the main advantage of the Decimal network is that it is easy to use.
For example, in the Etherium network, you need to take into account a number of parameters, such as Gas and Gwei, plus you must have ETH on your balance even to send tokens. Waves, NEO, and NXT networks have a similar device.

👨🏻‍💻To create your own token or smart contract on these networks, you need to have special technical knowledge and resources. Creating your own token on the Decimal network will take no more than three minutes and does not require technical training.




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