The Million-dollar Apple Trust

3 min readApr 4, 2021


The sad experience of a man who lost all his Bitcoins in an instant by downloading an app from the Apple App Store will remain for the rest of his life.

A Crypto investor has fallen victim to Apple’s negligence

Philippe Christodoulou actually lost at least 17.1 BTC just by wanting to install a mobile app on his iPhone that would allow him to connect to his Trezor cryptocurrency wallet.

However, there is no such app in the Apple Store, and the one he downloaded was fraudulent. Apple throws up its hands, and claims that it just hasn’t noticed it yet, and that’s why people have become victims, such as this man, who therefore lost more than a million dollars in Bitcoin, the Washington Post reports.

The victim of this Bitcoin theft indicates that he contacted the FBI and believes that Apple is responsible for what happened, as it was obliged to verify this fake Trezor app, while the manufacturer of the crypto wallet does not have such a mobile app on iOS.

Philippe Christodoulou points out that he has not received a response from Apple after this theft through this bogus 5-star-rated Trezor app.

What did Apple do after this incident? And as always, I just reminded you that developers can send applications that are checked by the company’s teams, and only then turn into applications for phishing and fraud.

When fake apps and scams are detected, Apple removes them, but often those who become the first victims can no longer be helped.

For its part, Trezor noticed a fraudulent mobile app for its hardware wallet and was able to check them in the Google Playstore and Apple Store in December 2020 and January 2021. Trezor reported this scam to Google and Apple, but some victims lost the cryptocurrency due to the slowness of the stores.

Philippe Christodoulou will keep the bitter taste of his experience with cryptocurrencies, he will never see his million dollars in Bitcoin again. Therefore, we must take special care to avoid this kind of failure, which can be very costly.

Do not forget about vigilance

This is an accident that reminds everyone to be very careful with the applications and software we download related to the storage of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Trezor and Ledger are popular crypto wallets for storing your BTC and altcoins, and you just need to be careful not to download apps that masquerade as these brands and download their software only from their official Trezor and Ledger websites.

It is best to download apps from the official websites of crypto wallet providers, rather than from the Apple Store, to avoid very unpleasant surprises like the one experienced by the hero of our story. Yes, he will never see his 17 BTC again.

With the increasing adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, crypto fraud is on the rise, so great caution should be exercised. Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Messenger, and Instagram are also present, and they don’t hesitate to impersonate the support service of some well-known crypto companies, such as Binance, Kraken, Kryll, etc.





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