The History of Blockchain

Blockchain: The Beginning

  • In 1998, Wei Dai described a decentralized electronic payment solution based on open-source cryptography, which laid the foundation for the transfer of digital properties.
  • In 2004, computer scientist and crypto activist Hal Finney introduced a system called RPoW, which allowed for the first time the digital transfer of tokens, solving the problem of double spending.
  • In 2008, based on the Finney model, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin as part of a P2P system that secures transactions and verifies them in a fully decentralized network, instead of the RPoW system.

Stages of development of blockchain technology

  • Blockchain 1.0
  • Blockchain 2.0
  • Blockchain 3.0

Advantages and disadvantages of blockchain versions

The Future of Blockchain: Metaverse

Metaverse with gaming platforms




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