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The Decimal blockchain is a sort of a design tool for cryptocurrencies. You need neither technical knowledge nor a long time for implementation.

You just have to click the Decimal user console, open a tab “issue of coinage” and fill in 5 fields with explanations. First of all, entrepreneurs and businesses will need their token. We know that all people are different and their business models are unique. A universal coin cannot provide equally good support for financial operations for everyone.

That’s why you can set out the economic features of your coin. It should be noted here that thanks to the collateral of your token by the DEL coins, you will be able to trade them immediately once they are created. The DEL reserve is a guarantee of your warranty as an issuer and your customers’ confidence that they will always be able to exchange your token for any other token in the network, or for the DEL that can always be exchanged for any national currency that might interest the customer.

You have to do the following to be able to create a coin in the Decimal network:

— buy the DEL native coin in the volume of required reserves

— invent a token name and a ticker (short name)

— define the number of your coins for the first circulation

— decide how many of your coins will be issued (emission)

— fill in the original reserve in the DEL coins

— enter your DEL coin security percentage

Predictability is very important in business success, that’s why the rise or fall of your cryptocurrency always has the same specifics: someone either replenishes the reserve or reduces it. In order to understand how the price of your custom-made coin behaves in purchases, sales, and exchanges, we created a convenient calculator — a simulation.

You create in it a virtual coin, making respective transactions while keeping an eye on the change of your coin value. A detailed process of creating a token and calculation logistics are specified in Chapter 6 of the White Paper.

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