⚒Technology most often enter our daily lives with great effort, especially when it comes to money or business.

💳 Do you remember how plastic cards appeared and how distrustful we were of “virtual” numbers?

But when the business got acquiring and you can now pay with a card at every stall, we have a maximum of 5% of cash left in our wallets.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies also seemed out of reach for ordinary people, but the #DecimalChain team set one of the main tasks — user convenience.

👉🏼Go to our website and click the “get started” button to evaluate the functional and very simple user console, where you can easily store, convert and delegate network tokens.
Just as easily in the console, you can write and pay off a check on the blockchain, issue your cryptocurrency in a few clicks, or become a network validator.

🪙Decimai is also a very convenient environment for developers: it will take you a couple of minutes to get started with our APIs, and the architecture will provide a simple and reliable way to transfer value. Since Decimal is compatible with all the blockchains in the Cosmos network (and there are already more than 130 of them), you can easily convert the tokens of the Decimai network to tokens of any other compatible blockchain.

🙌🏻Follow our updates so that you don’t miss anything and join the DecimalChain community!

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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