Stealth addresses

Stealth addresses is a privacy enhancement technology that protects the privacy of cryptocurrency recipients.

🔗Standard transactions in the blockchain are pseudoanymous, since all the details of transfers are visible on the public register. Transaction details are identified only by their blockchain addresses. This means that a “certain” address is associated with one person, who is not unknown to the public. In addition, you can get an actual confirmation of how much the owner of one wallet sent to the owner of another. And also find out the specific amount of funds that are on a particular account.

👤Stealth addresses require a random and one-time address from the sender for each transaction on behalf of the recipient, so that different payments made to the same recipient are not related.

♻️Since these randomly generated one-time addresses are created for each transaction on behalf of the recipient, stealth addresses add an additional layer of privacy in the world of cryptocurrencies.

⚖️The fight against anonymous cryptocurrencies using stealth addresses in their technology started in 2018. A representative of the US Secret Service asked the US Congress to take the necessary measures to counter the use of anonymous altcoins in criminal activities.