SFT — partially interchangeable token

👋🏼Hey, community!

We’ve already covered what goes for ordinary tokens (FT) such as DEL, Bitcoin, BTT and BNB.
Besides, we’ve figured out what NFT is.

⚒️ Both types of tokens can be easily issued on the basis of DecimalChain.
But NFT and FT does not provide you with enough versatility for implementing various business concepts.

🎫 Imagine you are selling 200 concert tickets. All the tickets are the same but they refer to different seats.

🗡 Or, I’m case your game has a limited set of 1000 digital swords that look and operate in the same way except being numbered from 1 to 1000.

💍 Or you are a jeweller issuing a limited set of the same-looking items with serial numbers.

📝 The list of business concepts that would be easier to implement with SFT goes on and on. Besides, SFT can also be created on the basis of DecimalChain.

☝🏽Considering that SFT is a type of NFT, then when issuing NFT and indicating “more than one copy”, you are creating an SFT.
I’m the coming week the BitTeam marketplace NFT will be launched, and this would let us exchange and sell our NFT and SFT.

🙌🏻Try to create your own SFT tokens on DecimalChain and you’ll see how easy it is!

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