Reducing the NFT reserve

The reserve for creating NFT on DecimalChain reduced

🛠Among the recent updates of the DecimalChain network is the reduction in the reserve needed for launching an NFT. 1 DEL instead of 100!

🙌🏻 DecimalChain blockchain is the easiest contractor for creating tokens, including non-interchangeable.

👤Any user can issue his own NFT on the console in just 2 minutes and sell it via the user-friendly BitTeam marketplace.

How to design a NFT in 2 minutes and for 20 roubles, you can read 👉🏼 here.

And here 👉🏼 how to sell it.

🪄Create your NFTs and share your experience in the community chat!

🏆Best exhibits and their authors will be published on the DecimalChain social media.