Recap of 2022

4 min readDec 30, 2022


Hello everyone, this digest is a special one. It’s New Year’s Eve and we wish you all the best for the coming year 2023. Spend time with your family and friends and celebrate the start of the New Year as your soul desires.

In this digest, we have compiled the most important and significant events of 2022! There are a lot of events, so this digest will be split into two parts. The first part is about all the major events and significant actions. The second is about collaborations and partnerships with crypto industry giants. These development steps are the most influential and have already shown great results.

Registration of the trademark

Let’s start with quick news. DECIMAL LTE. PTD. has registered the trademark “Decimal”. This symbol, which you see on every cover, video or profile picture on social networks, is the intellectual property of the company. Such things let us work under the jurisdiction of a certain country and stand out among competitors.

User agreement

Well, another step in development made for Decimal users is the User Agreement. People should be protected in their rights and actions when using certain platforms like Decimalchain. This agreement is designed to settle and create a safe environment within the community chats.

Celebrating 2 years

It’s been two years of Decimalchain! In the beginning, everything was new and it seemed like a whole new world awaited us. Now we look back and realise that part of the journey has been passed! A lot has changed in these two years, the company has broken out of its home country and entered new foreign markets and audiences. The Decimalchain team has put the roadmap into action, our community has grown and continues to grow. Just in time for our two-year anniversary, we’ve compiled all the goals we’ve achieved into an article. You’ll find the full article on the blog on the Decimalchain website or on social media.

Decimal Wallet is available in the App Gallery

While you’re looking for the birthday article, let us remind you of our phone app. This year the Decimal Wallet app was launched in the App Gallery for Huawei users. Now it is available for everyone, so more people can become part of our community with different smartphones and different software. Apparently, we’re getting to the topic of global events!

From the official Wikipedia

Why do we think so? Because this year we published our article on Decimal LTE. PTD. in the official Wikipedia! This means that we are open to everyone and to the world. Our legal and accurate company and blockchain information is also in the public domain. We invite you to learn more on the official Wikipedia page!

Coin burning mechanism

Like every large and innovative blockchain company, we have used a coin-burning mechanism that has been embedded in our blockchain code from the beginning. Coin flaring is one of the most important algorithms on the blockchain to control circulation, coin issuance and price maintenance.

Collaboration and the global marketplace

Let’s delve into the details of international development and collaboration! We’ve already mentioned it, and yet. This year has been a point of rapid development outside the company’s home country. We gained the most valuable and influential partners. Our work was noticed by CoinMarketCap, Binance, Ledger and others. The first two platforms have had a positive and strong impact on Decimal.


Our collaboration with Binance began early this year, at which time only value and price tracking was available. The next updates in working with Binance were cross-chain swaps and the ability to buy and sell DEL on the platform. After that, after some time, we came under the radar of Binance and got into a special support programme for talented developers. As a result, the programme opened up new horizons and at the same time we were fully prepared to launch a smartchain. Thus, all of a sudden there was a successful collaboration; token creators can now move their tokens from Decimalchain to Binance Smart Chain. Looking forward to further cooperation and new opportunities!


The next partner is the CoinMarketCap platform. Only in June the official page was created, and right after that, in July, we received an offer to get VIP status and cooperate. It felt like many, many years ago! Then, we started an effective and productive collaboration with the platform. You can see the results of this with your own eyes on the Decimal page in the CMC community.

We’ll tell you more in our article with the 2022 results and plans for 2023. Follow us on social media and stay tuned!

There are two topics left at the end. The latest events that you have already heard about are the White Paper update and the launch of the Decimal Smart Chain.

Key events: White Paper 2.0 release

The release of the new White Paper was as important to our team as the launch of the smart contracts. The second edition of the White Paper marked a new stage and level that Decimal blockchain has reached. In the new WP, we have detailed an updated roadmap in line with the current development, Launchpad and DSC launch.

Key developments: Launchpad DSC

And so, without slowing down, we broke through to the launch of Decimal Smart Chain! The one and only key event of the year. Like fireworks in the night, the smartchain launched and ushered in a new phase of development for Decimal, both as a company and as a blockchain.

Be sure to read all the articles and helpful material that were released after each event on our social media channels, as well as articles that go into detail and practice about everything.

That’s how the last digest for 2022 ends. See you next year with more news, new content, articles and so on. Have a good weekend!




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