Public Fund DecimalPro

Hey, community 👋🏼

🤝 A support fund for developers, marketing and promotion experts has just been integrated into the DecimalChain network

👤One of the DecimalChain validators has recently launched a public fund for supporting those who are willing to work at creating useful blockchain projects.

💵 Any marketing specialist or team that can openly contribute to the DecimalChain network promotion can apply for this grant. If you are a developer, then you can share your achievements with the whole community and publish the code with the corresponding license.

🤖 “DC Validators Notify” has already received the support of the community, and due to this it already has a bot that indicates which validator has connected or disconnected to some block.

✅ More information about the fund and the conditions for getting the grant you’ll find on its website or on the official resources of DecimalPro validator

🙌🏻 We thank DecimalPro validator for establishing the fund and for the great contribution to the DecimalChain development!