Pre-production release DSC

2 min readNov 27, 2022


Hi, community! You might have thought that there are just two great news this week, which include:

  • Completion of the BSC contract addresses list for our collaborations with the Binance Smart Chain team and for getting privileges and bonuses.
  • Launch of SBT token that has already got into the top-3 projects.

But that’s not all for today!

The Decimal team is stepping up the pace, and the project is getting to a new level in all spheres involved. This week, we’ve also got some good news from BIT.TEAM on that BTT token, created on Decimal blockchain, has passed all the trading and inner indicators verification on CoinMarketCap, got to the 1662 place, and now it occupies the 1641 place in the common rating. We also remind all project owners that earlier we launched a program to bring our projects to CMC, within which we will help each of our projects achieve the same results and recognition on a global scale.

But this is still not the main thing!

On Friday, 11/25/2022, via the efforts of the Decimal development team, the “combat” version of DSC (Decimal Smart Chain) was downloaded and debugged in testnet, that is, all the modules being developed have already been repeatedly tested and all the functionality is at the “pre-production” stage.

The following modules should be subject to closer attention:

1. Change of validator with no undelegating with a grace period of 7 days. 🔥

2. Fixed fees (linked to USDT) and

3. Automatic burning of 50% transaction fees 🔥

4. Special address format, prefix change to dx (EVM format)

5. Integration of the DSC network into any of the decentralized wallets (MetaMask, Trust Wallet etc.) 🔥

6. Full set of Smart Contracts (documentation by link

7. The possibility of creating an unsecured token has been implemented (preparation for the launch of the DUSD — Decimal USD stablecoin) 🔥

7.1 We remind you that the documentation for DUSD has been prepared for our Decimal PTE.LTD company.

We will write in detail about each of the modules and what it will bring to the development of Decimal in the future separately.

We ask all active members of our community, including validators, coin creators, DApp developers and users to start active testing.

Links for easy navigation:

Please report all found faults in a convenient way for you:

In the telegram bot:

Or by mail:

Congratulations on this important step and we are waiting for your feedback on the work done.




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