Please be informed about the current situation with Decimal software performance.

2 min readMay 28, 2024


Recently, reports about delays in data transmission via Decimal API have been observed with particular frequency.

During the analysis it was found that there are a number of IP addresses that send requests multiple times higher than requests from internal Decimalchain clients (Explorer and Console). Moreover, a significant portion of these requests are focused on transaction and rewards data. The excessive number of such requests creates a high load on the blockchain servers, resulting in delays in data processing and transmission.

Measures to improve the performance and reliability of Decimal services are already being implemented:

1. Infrastructure scaling
Added additional resources to backend servers to handle more requests.
Automated scaling is configured to respond quickly to load changes.

2. Disabling support for old requests.
At the moment new microservices: Transaction and Reward, through which you can get relevant data, are functioning on the prod environment. At the same time users still have the opportunity to receive data via the old API, but this data is no longer updated after the launch of the new microservices. Once again we would like to remind users that Decimal is gradually introducing microservices responsible for collecting, storing and transmitting data for certain categories.
Transaction and Reward services have been working in the prod environment for a long time. The services work smoothly and quickly.
Once again we ask you to switch to the new API, as we see that a considerable part of users continue to use the old version.

On Monday (03.06.24), obtaining transaction data and rewards via the old API will no longer be available.

● New API (Transaction):
● New API (Rewards):
We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the new API in advance.

3. Monitoring and logging
Decimal services have already implemented monitoring systems (Grafana) to track performance and system health in real time. Centralized logging using ELK Stack for quick analysis and problem identification is also in place. More detailed customization of these systems is underway to reduce the response time to incidents that arise.

The measures taken in the near future will significantly improve the performance of Decimal services and reduce latency. Also, work continues on optimizing and scaling our infrastructure to ensure stable performance and high service levels for all users.

Thank you for your patience and support!
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