Pension capital. Application of blockchain.

⛓ Blockchain-based technologies

🗣Despite the active discussions, the blockchain technology is still not so widely spread. Most of the projects are not on the level that would make it possible to call them “successful”. They are still at the stage of “promising startups”. This refers to both Russian and European startups.

✍🏻 In our #blockchaininuse section we are going to tell you about exciting Russian initiatives.

🧳 There are almost no successful cases of blockchain application yet in Russia, and this is due to that such projects are at the initial stages of their development. So the time is needed to evaluate them.

👨🏼‍🦳The prototype of a blockchain solution involving in the field of pension capital accrual.

🇷🇺 The prototype of the solution has been designed in Russia, and it represents a system for accrual of pension capital. The solution is aimed at making the process of managing individual pension capital automated and transparent, and at reducing the number of intermediaries within the system.

♻️The prototype was designed as an answer to the need of the Non-state pension fund Association that promotes using blockchain in the system of managing individual pension capital.

❗️The concept of blockchain application in this case is about enabling clients to interact with the non-state pension funds without intermediaries, getting the information about the assessments and balance in the personal account. With the help of this system users will be able to change the service supplier, interest rate and manage their accounts at their will.

🙌🏻We hope that retired people in Russia will someday finally be able to use their pension effectively due to blockchain.