Partnership with an MMO game

🪐 DecimalChain race in an online game

🤝The DecimalChain ecosystem is growing with interesting projects and partnerships.

🧝🏼The DecimalChain game race will appear in the Galaxy Online multi-blockchain strategy, and the DEL coin will be integrated to the in-game market.

🌌 Galaxy Online is a multi-blockchain online strategy game with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies where there are battles between players for domination over the planets and rich territories of space.

🛸The open world of the project is a single map with an endless cosmos, on which galaxies of all connected blockchains and developing races are added.

Each race has its own economy and currency. Its own industry and armed forces. Own leaders, ambitions and victories.

🔝 Already 7 blockchains have their own races in online strategy, including Tron, Free TON, Minter, Ethereum is added and more than 10 other blockchains and their community.

🔜 This year, all races will be able to interact with each other on a single map.

⚙️The Galaxy Online team has already started working on introducing a validator to the DecimalChain network. Full integration with the game will take place in July.

♻️By mid-July, a global update is planned in the game, which will affect the training mode and update the combat system.

❗️In this regard, we recommend starting the Decimal race in the new version of the game.

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.