📱Spacebot — a multi-currency crypto wallet which has DEL currency as a flagship, has celebrated its two-year anniversary!

🤝For the DecimalChain — Spacebot team, it is not just a partner company, but a kind of progenitor.

📈In May 2019, a telegram bot pool for mining just one cryptocurrency was launched, which, in just a year of its lightning-fast development, faced an urgent need for its own blockchain. This is how DecimalChain appeared — an advanced blockchain that already occupies its place among the most technologically advanced developments on the market, and thanks to Spacebot, the DEL coin has the largest and fastest growing community of holders, miners and users.

✨400 people gathered in Moscow last weekend and spent them with benefit and scope!

🎉Happy birthday to Spacebot! Happy holiday, community!



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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.