Optimization of rewards, Backend updates

1 min readFeb 27, 2024

Hello, community!

We continue our journey along the Decimal blockchain Roadmap and are excited to share news about the update to Reward Service. This update aligns with our strategy of transitioning to a microservices architecture, which we’ve previously mentioned in our posts.

The goal is to improve the reward calculation process and provide users with more accurate and timely information about their earnings for participating in the Decimal network.

Optimization of the complex reward calculation process: Calculating user rewards requires high precision and timeliness. We have conducted significant work to optimize this process to provide users with reliable and up-to-date data on their rewards.

Database optimization: Special attention has been given to optimizing the Reward Service database. We conducted tests with various alternatives, including Mongo DB, but ultimately remained with PostgreSQL. The updated version, PostgreSQL 16.0, provides more efficient storage and data processing.

Enhanced reward display: We plan to update the display of received rewards to increase informativeness. After the mainnet update, users will be able to obtain more detailed information about their rewards from each validator and delegated asset on a separate page in the console menu.

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