Make your students involved and active

📉On average, only 63% of students at best reach the end of their studies. Those who have not reached the end will never recommend you and buy other courses at your school.

📈The introduction of a modern loyalty cashback system increases the number of graduates up to 95%.

Create a cashback system based on your own cryptocurrency on the DecimalChain network. It will take only three minutes, and after the release, you will have access to all the support services for using your cryptocurrency-wallets, exchanges and control systems.

⚙️ You don’t need to develop or implement anything: this is a ready — made service, and the minimum price for creating a coin is only 1,000 DEl (approximately 16,000 rubles).

🧑🏻🏫What can you do with your cryptocurrency?

Distribute coins for activities:
* completing all homework assignments;
* running marathons and challenges;
* recommendations of your course;
* posting reviews on social networks.

💰In addition, you can exchange the returned cryptocurrency for rubles or dollars at any time.

👨🏻💻How will your audience be able to use cryptocurrency?

* Buy your courses.
* Get a discount on subsequent courses and supplements.
• Get access to exclusive content.
* Give and exchange coins.
* Exchange your cryptocurrency for rubles and dollars.
• Collaboration with brands and bloggers is also available within the DecimalChain system, and cryptocurrency exchange between brands occurs automatically in the system.

📲Contact us and we will conduct an individual calculation of the economic model and help you implement the innovative system of loyalty and interaction with students.

🏆Become the first tech school in the new world of online education! Your students will enjoy this.

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