NFT application case

As expected, the functionality of creating NFT was met with great interest from both big players and ordinary users.

On DecimalChain, you have digitized quite a bit of content over the past week.

📰 One of the validators and recently “newsmakers” of the DecimalChain network again demonstrated an excellent application case.

👕In collaboration with Saint Vandals artist, the Legion Group team created a collection of NFT clothing.

🖼 Now you can get a unique print in digital form for printing and apply it to any clothing by yourself.

🤝The validator team aims to develop the technical part of the concept into a working model of interaction between designers and customers, in which the percentage of sales will be automatically debited in favor of the designer.

💰In addition, the buyer of NFT merch receives cashback from the purchase in the form of a reserve of 100 DEL, which is included in the token reserve.

🙌🏻Have a great week and great ideas!




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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