News week

👋🏼Hey, community!

📰 This week has been full of controversial news.

🇷🇺 The Prosecutor General of Russia spoke about making amendments to the existing legislation. Now, in case of using cryptocurrencies for illegal purposes, they will be confiscated. This decision will be reflected in the new version of the National Security strategy. The task is set to prevent and suppress offenses and crimes involving the use of digital currencies for illegal purposes.

🇨🇳 Chinese miners have started selling used video cards on the secondary market. This is due to the bans on mining in China, presumably caused by the government’s concerns about the harm of cryptocurrency mining to the environment.

🌿And all such concern for the environment is called into question, given the fact that six Chinese banks have instructed their employees to annually attract from 200 to 300 people to use a wallet for the digital yuan. The promotion of wallets for the digital yuan has become one of the priorities for banks from the state.

💳 But the global payment giant Visa, according to the latest report, will continue to support the development and distribution of cryptocurrencies within its business. In the first half of the year, payments for more than $1 billion were processed on Visa cryptocurrency cards.

🇦🇷 The Congress of Argentina went further and presented a bill on the payment of salaries in cryptocurrencies, which will allow employees in the export of goods and services to receive full or partial salaries in cryptocurrencies.

🙌🏻Have a great weekend and great news!




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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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