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2 min readOct 22, 2021


🙌🏻This is good news of the green-colored crypto market on the line

📊 Bitcoin quotes reached $66,342 and set the historical maximum.

The price of Ethereum passed the $4,000 mark, and the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market exceeded $2.7 trillion, according to CoinGecko.

🇷🇺 Oleg Deripaska, Russian entrepreneur and billionaire, expressed his opinion on that the Central Bank of Russia should not ignores the growing crypto market avoiding investments in this field. According to the businessman, uncontrolled digital payments can not only negate the effectiveness of economic sanctions against Russia, but also become a weapon of economic defeat in the struggle between economies of unfriendly countries.

🗣A similar opinion was expressed by the SEC commissioner. Esther Pierce reproached the SEC chairman for unwillingness to cooperate with cryptocurrency companies to develop regulation of crypto assets. Pierce stated that the growth of decentralized finance and the expansion of the cryptocurrency industry are inevitable, therefore, she suggested that the department think over a scheme for interaction with cryptocurrency firms.

🖼 And finally, the most interesting of the amazing world of NFT:

💰 In the latest updates of DecimalChain, the reserve for creating an NFT has been reduced from 100 DEL to 1DEL. Now creating your own non-interchangeable token on the domestic blockchain is not only the easiest, but also the cheapest option of its kind in the market today.

🪄Now it doesn’t cost you anything to create your own NFT and sell it on the BitTeam marketplace, which is also the simplest and most convenient platform for selling and buying NFT.

🐰Playboy magazine will release its NFT collection of 11,953 rabbits (in honor of the magazine’s founding date in 1953).

The collection was created in partnership with the artist Michael Winkelmann, better known under the pseudonym Beeple.

🐼 The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) will release an NFT collection to raise funds for the protection of endangered animals.

The Foundation has chosen several artists popular in the NFT arena to create a collection of “Non-fungible Animals”. In total, 10 endangered species of animals will be transferred to the “digital view”. At the same time, each artist will take up one species and make as many NFTs as there are individuals of this species left. For example, there will be 22 NFT for California porpoises.

☀️ All green charts and a great weekend!




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