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👁On April 14, approximately 10% of the $623 million worth of Bitcoins stolen from the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange in 2016 were transferred to unknown addresses as part of a series of transactions.

👤The US Senate has officially confirmed Gary Gensler as chairman of the SEC. Gensler is known for his knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry and understanding of how the technology works.

📖This is good news, because Gary Gensler does not hold the negative opinion of “old school” economists about cryptocurrencies. He has repeatedly sharply objected to those who compared bitcoin to a Ponzi scheme. In 2018, Gensler conducted a training course on cryptocurrencies at a school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In this course he called them “a catalyst for changes in global finance.

📈 Another news that blew up the crypto space: on the Nasdaq stock exchange, trading in Coinbase shares began under the ticker COIN. At the close of trading, the share price was $328.28, and the exchange’s capitalization reached $85.7 billion.

This event is once again signalling the tight integration of the crypto economy into the general, global one.

🏦 The Central Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance can not agree on the issue of access of tax authorities to bank accounts to control cryptocurrency transactions.

The Ministry of Finance is in favor of providing such access. The agency believes that this will avoid tax evasion and at the same time not overload banks and citizens with tax audits.

💵The Central Bank believes that the tax authorities should not get the right to request information about cryptocurrency transactions outside of tax audits.

We wait patiently for all explanations and run to pay taxes, as law-abiding citizens should!

🙌🏻We wish you a good weekend and positive news!

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