News by DecimalChain Validators

News by DecimalChain Validators

👋🏼Hey, community!

🤝The DecimalChain network is developing and creating new major projects, and we going to watch them all growing. Besides, we will make news reviews in our #newsbyDecimalChainValifators section

🐒 Monkey Club project has finished working at the website and now you can study how the project works and the Asian entrepreneurs who are already providing bonuses within the loyalty program created on DecimalChain.

✍🏻 You can also apply for entering the club on the website

If you are already the club’s participant, then just leave a request to be added to the official chats and channels of the community.

🎟 The official launch of the project is scheduled for August, 3rd, which is symbolic as this is the DecimalChain birthday. And now Monkey club is working at creating the membership cards that would be launched on our blockchain.

♻️CONVERTER Validator has appeared on the network with the corresponding coin

🇨🇳 Validator os an important part of the multifunctional platform ecosystem with an option of instant money transfers around the world. China is one the high-priority project’s directions.

🖇Masternode operates on several independent servers located in Germany and Finland. They contribute to the stable operation of the node.

❕By the way, it’s the first validator with 0% fee but as you remember, fee is not the only characteristic you pay attention to when choosing a validator.

🙌🏻Wish all of you the successful implementation of your tasks!

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