🆕New game on DecimalChain

🎮The gaming industry is closely merging with blockchain and cryptos making a new field of GameFi. If guilds of gamers in blockchain games attract $18 million at the stage of financing, then why should we question the prospects of this industry?

New online games have been actively developing on the DecimalChain blockchain in the recent few months, and now the PRIDE validator team is working at a game called “PRIDE Fight”.

💡The concept of multiuser browser game is as follows: two players are coming to the arena and take part in a 20-second fight, attacking each other.

💵The user logs in to the game and register his wallet sending PRIMERY token from it to the game balance. Then he creates or accepts a fight request from the other gamer and indicates the number of coins he bets. Then each of the players sets attacks and blocks in advance.

🎯The goal of the game is to launch as much strikes as possible, win the fight and get the coin pool.

🛠️The developers aim to release the game by January. The game’s engine is ready, and the characters have already been drawn. The team is already planning to launch an App for the App Store and Google play and NFT mechanics for artefacts on the game.

🔭We will be following the process of the game design and looking forward to new games on DecimalChain.

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