New DecimalChain Service!

🤖 New DecimalChain Service!

🙌🏻Hi, community!

Decimal blockchain infrastructure is rapidly being enriched by new services due to network validators.

🚀 The day before, LUNA validator launched the Decimal price bot .

🤖 Decimal price bot has three functions:

✅ show the current DEL exchange rate agains rouble and dollar
✅show the top-7 buying offers at BitTeam
✅show the top-7 selling offers at BitTeam

Upon request, Validator’s team can provide a bot link for introduction in the channel for any validator.

LUNA aims to finalize the bot and promises to provide the text and graphics info visualisation, and for now the bot is available for testing in the validator’s chat.

The bot will soon be set to publishing the exchange rate and trading information — twice a day.

🙌🏻 Thank you for the convenient service! Wish you a great Friday!