🔩 We do not stop working at the DecimalChain network for a minute. Both day and night, the developers’ chat records characteristic sounds which means that we are working with all your suggestions and improvements that the validators have accepted.

🤳🏻 Yesterday, among other updates, we finally got the opportunity to put brand logos on custom coins. Now, when creating your cryptocurrency in DecimalChain, you can assign it a beautiful avatar that will be visible to everyone on the network instead of the system pixel images (which, by the way, were also not bad).

📈The second major improvement is the ability to edit your coin, in particular, to change the number of the final issue. For example, you expected that 10,000,000 tokens would be enough for you for a loyalty program or a crypto project, but the market reacted to the offer more actively than you expected (which is not surprising because you are one of the first). Since the final issue number does not affect the pricing of your coin in any way, you can edit it.

Each edition of the coin is recorded in the blockchain and is visible to the entire network, just like any transaction.

⛔️ Also, among the updates, we have introduced a more convenient display of transactions that the blockchain recorded but have not executed. You could encounter this when, for example, you extinguished a check: it was extinguished, but the coins did not appear on your account. In fact, the check has already been paid off and now it will be clearly indicated in the transaction history and will no longer mislead you.

🙌🏻You can always make a suggestion to improve the DecimalChain network in the “Vote” section and see what changes have already been accepted by the validators and are waiting for us in the near future.

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