Network updates

♻️From DecimalChain to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain

🙌🏻Hello, community!

A new update has been launched on the DecimalChain network, and it mostly touched cross-chain.

🌉First versions of blockchain bridges from DecimalChain to Ethereum were introduced at the end of 2020 but this update presents a finalised and simplified version for end user.

♻️Now you can send “wrapped” tokens from
DecimalChain not only to the Ethereum network but to Binance Smart Chain as well. These are the two most popular networks for DeFi projects.

💸ПользователиDecimalChain users can easily and securely get acquainted or participate in DeFi on other blockchains

📖The instructions for using the cross-chain already available on DecimalWiKi and on the website in the FAQ section .

🙌🏻 Wish you good luck in using it!



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