Mike Novogratz: Which cryptocurrency is to win the payment Race

On December 31, billionaire investor Mike Novogratz asked his Twitter followers which crypto coin has the ideal probability of success in the cryptocurrency race, and provided 4 choices.

Brainstorming, or the curiosity of a billionaire investor

This week, Mike Novogratz asked his Twitter followers which coin “is most likely to get the name of successful funds?” Novogratz said there were quite a few contenders and asked his followers to offer him their ideas on which coin would dominate. The tweet received quite a few responses, and a lot of crypto asset advocates put forward quite a few attention-grabbing theories.

“Diem has an impact on the FB community,” one person replied. “However, regulators should be very careful. However, it should be candidate No1 if FB performs its functions. The USDC should eventually take the lead, as it is mostly based in the US and is less questionable. Paypal could be a shock contender. Decentralized security is also like an empty set”, the user added.

“LINK will be the ultimate winner,” another person replied. “2021 will be the year of experiments with stablecoins, and a lot of stablecoins will be released and a huge amount of money will be therefore earned and lost. USDT and USDC rule”.

In fact, a large number of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters turned to Novogratz’s tweet, and mentioned the benefits of BCH as a fundraising tool.

“Bitcoin Cash has solved many issues,” wrote crypto asset fanatic Wizewizzz to Novogratz. “Five improvement teams are innovating at the scale stage, and the solution is focused on implementation and utility in the real world. BCH strives to be equal to digital money”.

Jonathan Silverblood, developer of General Protocols, responded to Novogratz and mentioned that for crypto assets, “value should be protected by default”.

“This is currently provided by USDC and USDT — transparent benefits. But other than that, it has to be cost — effective,” Silverblood added. “For this reason, I believe there is no winner, but… Of the current contenders, I vote for BCH because it has the right direction. In particular, I see this as a result of them specializing in suitable use cases and innovating in this area”.

Crypto-community Defends its Favorites

In addition, there were Bitcoin supporters who believe that BTC is a means of saving (sov).

“Not coins, but protocol. SoV routes must be independent. Lightning has a good chance, “ tweeted well-known information analyst Willy Wu to Novogratz, in response to his tweet with the coin.

However, a large number of cryptocurrency proponents responded to Wu’s hypothesis, and stated that LN can “operate only with a good UX if the cryptocurrency works in the same way as regular gold — these are important custodians of beliefs”.

Many proponents of crypto assets believe that, while savings funds (sov) such as gold have a market capitalization of $ 9 trillion, the market for liquid funds is much larger.

The direction of blockchain costs that provide a reliable and cheap peer-to-peer response in the form of digital money is successfully concentrated in the global money market or global M1. Compared to gold, which is $ 9 trillion, the $ 100 trillion liquid payments market is 1011% larger than soV.

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